Andorra Women

Andorra – The Igloo Experience

A sunny day skiing and a night on ice : let’s enjoy the ‘Iglu Experience’ at Grandvalira, the largest ski resort in the Pyrénées mountains. Skiing is always different in Andorra.

Sochi is finished, so let’s come back down to earth and discover the wonderful and unspoilt mountains of Andorra. What about Andorra? It is a very small country located in the heart of the Pyrénées, sandwiched between France and Spain. It is a place where you can discover a well preserved Roman architectural heritage and traditional Catalan food, where you can enjoy tax-free shopping but most of all, it’s where you can really enjoy skiing in snow and sun.



Grandvalira is one of the ski resorts you can find in Andorra, and it is the largest one in the Pyrénées. Can you imagine a place where you can ski from one valley to another just exploring the more than 200 kilometres of ski tracks, where the names sound so southernly and where you can hear people speaking French, Spanish and English and where you can stop for lunch or a drink in very smart mountain restaurants with Catalan cooking and DJ music. Freestyle riding, international ski competitions, free wifi everywhere, snow rugby tournament and Ibiza atmosphere are some of the others assets of Grandvalira ski resort.

As well as the restaurant at the beautiful Pessons lake, the Vodka Bar where you can stop for a tasty breakfast in front of the fire, the Calla Bassa Beach Club for a sangria and techno mix, or the Solanelles restaurant and its wonderful panoramic terrace. Choice is wide and skiing here is quite different. Last but not least, here you can either sleep in 4 or 5 stars hotels or sleep quite alone on the mighty mountain in a luxury igloo.

One night in the ice

The day is over. The ski resort is closed. You can just hear and see the machines working on the snow for the next day. You have an appointment at the woody and warm Grau Roig Hotel in the small village of Grau Roig at around 7 pm. One glass of wine or beer later, it’s time to climb the mountain, with help from a ratrac machine, and discover the igloo, built for the winter season, in the middle of nowhere. In front of you, the Pic Blanc is watching over you. In the igloo, just the silence, the air is fresh but not really cold.