An Overview

Mountain Summit

What can you say about Italy that hasn’t been said before? Italy is one of those countries that everybody seems to have an opinion about, but unless you’ve actually been there and experienced the way a trip to Italy makes you feel, you really won’t begin understand its appeal.

Not everybody knows that Italy has its own country-within-a-country, Vatican City, which adds to the mystery that surrounds it.

Italy is steeped in history – there are more UNESCO World Heritage sites in Italy than anywhere else in the world, and some of the most famous cities are renowned the world over for their beauty – Rome, Venice and Florence, for example, just conjure up images of style, elegance and culture.

Italy is synonymous with the worlds of art, history and fashion, but it is also blessed with some of the most beautiful natural landscape in Europe – from the Dolomite Mountains to the Sardinian coast and the rolling countryside of Tuscany.


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